5th Grade Social Studies

Hear about what is happening in 5th grade social studies from some of the students. The following was written by Julia, Mackenzie, and Brynn:

In Mrs. MiIls’ Social Studies class, we learned about the American Revolution and how the U.S. was founded. We made posters on the Revolutionary War. We watched Liberty Kids videos to help us understand it better. The Liberty Kids videos helped us understand what it was like for the real people in the war, too.  

Then we started learning about how the United States became its own country and how they managed on their own. We also learned about how the U.S. got their government system. It was a long time before they actually agreed on it.
We also worked through packets on the Articles of Confederation. One of our favorite lessons was when we watched a Peanuts Movie on the Constitutional Convention. Everyone really enjoyed it. We wrote speeches about the Constitutional Convention and the major issues the delegates argued about and had to compromise over.

Now you know what is happening in 5th grade Social Studies!!



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