Invisible Blessing

Each year, the Northwest Iowa Reading Council holds a creative writing competition in the categories of short stories and poetry. This year, OCCS 7th grader Kendra won first place in the 7th grade poetry category. Congratulations, Kendra! You can read her poem below.

Invisible Blessing
By Kendra Breems

Joy to the world! The Lord has come.
The earth should've received her King.
But she didn't.
As least, not the way she should've.
She took Him since she couldn't reject a present from God
But she wouldn't see Him because she chose to ignore.
It's not that she couldn't see Him.
She was given a choice.
But for the most part, she chose not to rejoice.

Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel shall come to thee!
He came; God with us.
But we didn't know He was there,
Or maybe we just didn't care.
Sometimes we listen.
Sometimes we don't.
Sometimes we forget He's there.
Sometimes we jump in a boat and hide
Because we're too aware.
But mostly, we don't care.
'Cause we don't want to listen.

Sometimes, fortunately, we
Crave Him.
Sometimes we can feel that we're Blessed.
And we would never replace Him.
So cherish this Blessing
And never erase Him.


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