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Under Construction: The Crew

Our February theme at OCCS is "Under Construction: The Crew." This month, Pastor Tim Breen reflects on what it looks like to be part of God's crew.
In the fifteen years since God has called me to be a pastor, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a number of large-group work projects. I’ve been part of teams that have done relief work after the Louisiana hurricanes. I’ve led crews in inner-city repair initiatives. I’ve chaplained for large youth ventures painting homes in Tennessee. The closing moments of those events are always special times. People have bonded over a hard week of work. There are new inside jokes about spilled spackle and cracked plywood. New friends swap cell phone numbers and Snapchat usernames. Lots of hugs are exchanged. What I’ve witnessed in those wrap-up times is that the biggest accomplishments are rarely the work done by the crew; what matters more is the work that’s been done on the crew. Workers are different by the end of the week. They’v…

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