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Devoted to Prayer: Doors

The new year is in full swing and each classroom has new students walking through its doors. Read on as Mr. Van Schepen reflects on the connection between these classroom doors and our chapel theme this year, "Devoted to Prayer."

When I transitioned from full-time teaching 3 years ago to part-time teaching/part-time tech coordinator, I was handed the unique opportunity to walk through the doorway into each of our classrooms on a regular basis. Typically it was to troubleshoot a technology issue that reared its ugly head once again, but this year I’ve been able to pop into classrooms when there aren’t major technical issues going on wearing my new hat as assistant principal.

When I first walk into a classroom, I notice the door. Doors act as a barrier between the inside and the outside. They are a gateway to a new place. Some doors are always open, while others are always closed. Some doors set expectations, other doors ask questions, and yet others celebrate events.

All of our …

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