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Kuiper Cash Corporations

In 6th grade math class, students are introduced to the “Kuiper Cash” program, in which students are given weekly salaries, apply for jobs, pay fines, and keep track of personal finances.As part of this program, students are challenged to create small businesses used for buying and selling goods and services.6th graders who choose to start a business often pair up with a partner to brainstorm business ideas and work together to create products for “selling.”
Once a quarter, students who have obtained a “business license” (for which they must apply and pay for) are able to set up shop during math class.This quarterly event is known as the "Kuiper Cash Business Expo."
This year, students have created businesses that range from selling baked goods to making jewelry.Some students sell bars, cookies, and candies, while others make snow cones, smoothies, and hot apple cider.One business owner allows students to pre-order pillows or other hand-made items that will be specially made a…

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