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Under Construction: The Foreman and The Tools

There has been much excitement at OCCS this past month. Musicals, fundraisers, community events, athletics, and, most recently, demolition! That's right! The big news at OCCS is the start of our building project. But first, some buildings needed to come down. It definitely complicates some of the daily routines in our hallways and classrooms, but the excitement and anticipation of what is to come makes it all worth it.

This building project takes on even more meaning when we consider it in light of our theme for the year, "Under Construction." The month of March focused on "The Foreman." In our building project, contractors have been chosen to oversee the construction. The right people have to show up at the right time to keep the project moving forward. This all takes organization, knowledge, and planning on the part of the foreman. The month of April has focused on "The Tools." Some of the tools that will be used for our building project will now b…

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