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The Light Behind the Logo

The OCCS logo is a familiar symbol at our school, but have you ever wondered about its significance? Read on as Mr. Van Schepen, technology coordinator and teacher, takes us through the many layers of symbolism in our school logo.

When I first came to OCCS to teach back in 2013, I was introduced to the new OCCS logo. It was featured on letterhead, attached to signature lines on emails, and was even promoted on apparel items so we could “wear shirts with the NEW OCCS logo.” I have to admit, the logo did look nice. What stood out to me was that the logo featured a cross and the words “Orange City Christian School” below. There was more to it (like being orange...but that one I could figure out the meaning behind!) but I really never gave it another thought until I had the opportunity to teach 8th grade computer class during the 2017-18 school year.
The focus for the year-long course was using technology for designing. Students created websites, learned how to code, programmed robots, pri…

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