Tigers Talk Innovation

How did the idea of speed limits come about? What really goes into developing the flu vaccine? Why don’t we serve breakfast at school?

These questions were just a few of the over 50 topics presented by the seventh and eighth grade students at our “TigerTalk” event on Monday, January 21st. The event was modeled after “TedTalk” style events which have the theme of “ideas worth spreading." Our students were challenged to pick a topic in one of three areas based on the idea of innovation.
  1. A historical innovation
  2. An innovation they carry out
  3. An innovation that should take place in the future
The students picked their topics in September and worked on the projects for 20 minutes in class once a week along with hours on their own time outside of class. They were challenged to come up with essential questions, questions that dug at the deeper meaning behind their main question/topic rather than just a yes/no answer, to direct their research. They were also encouraged to contact “experts” in the field they had chosen. Contacts were made with local businesses such as OC Sanitation, SuperHiTech, and the Orange City Hospital as well as national and international corporations like the Department of Natural Resources, Nike, and NASA.

Students gathered their research and began to write stories by mid-October, trying to turn vast amounts of information into a 4-5 minute story they could tell. All of their work culminated in a 1-hour event where peers, parents, and friends were invited in to learn “the rest of the story” behind everyday innovations and ideas.

Many times, we as a school feature our students’ athletic, artistic, or musical talents during special events or performances. It is a blessing to see students with abilities in those areas use them to glorify God. However, we are an educational and academic institution, and so much of the work our students participate in goes largely unnoticed by those outside the classroom. This year we’ve been focusing on the theme of “Under Construction” where we look at how each one of us is intentionally knit together by our Father. The process of the students developing their  “TigerTalk” presentations closely connected each month of our theme so far:
  • September - The Need - Why was your innovation needed/required?
  • October - The Blueprint - What is your plan for developing your questions?
  • November - The Foundation - Who are you going to get information from?
  • December - The Architect - How will you form your research into a story?
  • January - The Worker - How will you prepare for your presentation?
These students did a fantastic job researching, writing, and presenting their work. It was a joy to watch them be challenged, rise to face that challenge, and overcome the stress of telling their story to an audience.

"...being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6


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